Dive Instruction

I am an instructor able to teach basic certification up to Divemaster, as well as a number of specialties. I am able to offer certification through PADI, and SDI. If you are interested in trying out scuba diving,  or taking your diving passion to the next level by pursuing specialty training I will help you achieve your goals

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Monterey Bay Dive Tours

Interested in diving in the Monterey Peninsula, and would like an experienced guide to show you the best possible time?  Look no further!  I am extremely passionate about this area of ocean, and dive it nearly everyday.  I am familiar with most of the 70+ dive sites in the area, and have led hundreds of dives.

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Gear Servicing

I am a certified visual inspector for cylinders, from PSI/PCI, the leading inspection agency for scuba cylinders.  Would you like to have your cylinder inspected(dive shops won’t fill it if they aren’t!)

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Purchase SCUBA gear

I am an instructor-dealer for Edge HOG dive gear, and if you’ve ever looked at any of my regulators you will notice they are all the same make and model!  I am also able to source any brand of scuba gear you need through my affiliation with other dive shops!

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CPR, AED, First/Second aid, and Oxygen training

I am able to train you through multiple organizations in many different life saving courses.  These are independent of Scuba Diving, and are a great skill for anyone to practice.  Remember, they must be renewed every other year!

From $125

Diving is my passion too!

I have a great love for diving, the Ocean, and teaching.  I will never grow tired of the underwater world, and I hope my passion and enthusiasm will help to bring more understanding of the amazing underwater world!

2 Years Experience

5 Star Rating

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